4 Ways Smart Home Technology Makes Your Life Easier

Explore What You Can Do with Savant Home Automation

It wasn’t that long ago when smart home technology was merely a fantastical idea we saw in sci-fi movies and TV shows. Today, luxury homes across Santa Monica and broader California are equipped with solutions like automated lighting and climate control, whole-home media distribution, smart door locks and security cameras, and much more.

Smart home automation by Savant truly transforms your lifestyle. It simplifies everyday routines, elevates the way you entertain, improves energy efficiency, and better secures your home. Keep reading to learn what you’re missing if you don’t already have a Savant home automation system.

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All Your Technology in One Place

There is an endless number of smart home products and solutions available on the market today, from smart bulbs and thermostats to video doorbells and more. Each of these solutions comes with its own instruction manual and mobile app that you must keep track of in order to use your devices. Imagine how frustrating it would be to have to swipe through pages of apps on your smartphone to find the device you’re looking for just to turn on your front porch lights or turn down the upstairs thermostat.

A Savant home automation system brings all your disparate technologies together inside a single platform for instant and intuitive access of all your devices. Get rid of your pages of apps and drawers of manuals and swap them for centralized control of your technologies instead—all from one easy-to-use interface.


One-Tap Personalized Scenes

Not only does a Savant smart home integrate your technologies into one interface, but it also connects your devices to work together in one fell swoop. Create personalized scenes that adjust your lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more in just a tap to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Coming home from work? Tap your “Home” scene to illuminate your living spaces, lower the thermostats, power on the pool and spa, and stream your favorite playlist overhead. When it’s time for bed, simply tap your “Goodnight” scene to lock up your home, turn off the lights, lower the shades, and set the perfect temperature for sleep.

Scenes are perfect for parties, holiday events, family nights, dinner dates, and more. Create the scenes that complement your lifestyle and fine-tune them to your liking so that transforming your home to fit the activity is as easy as one touch of a button.


Smart Home Control Your Way

A Savant smart home offers personalized control from a wide range of devices that are each designed with you in mind. Sometimes it’s not convenient to pull out your smartphone to adjust the climate in your home if your hands are full. Instead, you may want to use voice control or an in-wall keypad. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, Savant offers a convenient way to manage your home.

Watching a movie from the comfort of your home theater? Use the Savant Pro hand-held remote that lets you control your audio, video, lighting, climate, and even recall your favorite scenes and TV channels. Coming home with your hands full of groceries? Use your voice to command your home with any Amazon Alexa device. You can also outfit your living areas with Savant Metro wireless keypads that replace traditional light switches on your walls and offer quick access to lighting, shades, music, and more.


Always Connected, Whether Home or Away

Of course, one of the most popular ways to command your spaces, whether you’re at home or away, is with the Savant Pro app via your smartphone or tablet. The Savant Pro app gives you full access to your home no matter where you are so that you’re always connected to what matters most.

Gain quick access to at-a-glance views of every room in your home and make quick changes to your lights, door locks, climate, motorized shades, surveillance, and more. Keep an eye on your property and your loved ones from virtually anywhere—all you need is an internet connection. You can even program your smart home to send you real-time push notifications when someone enters your house or if there is a water leak or fire. No matter how you choose to check-in, you can be confident that access to your entire property is just a tap away.


Experience the convenience of smarter living with Savant home automation. Our team at Custom Home Theater is a proud and preferred certified provider of Savant systems for homes across southern California, and we’d love to partner with you. Connect with our team here or send us a live chat below now to get started!

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