Better Protect Your Business with Intelligent Video Surveillance

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Commercial Surveillance Equipped with Advanced Analytics Deters Unwanted Events and Reduces False Alerts

What does your current business surveillance system look like? Maybe it’s an array of clunky gray boxes mounted on the wall that stream live, grainy feeds to a control room. Perhaps you purchased a DIY surveillance camera online and set it up with little to no idea about where it should be installed.

Video surveillance is integral to the protection of your staff and assets in Hollywood, CA. To ensure safety for what matters most, you need a solution that proactively deters unwanted events, notifies you of suspicious activity, and reduces false alerts so you can focus more on the success of your business.

Below, we explore the intelligent features you can expect when you upgrade to a smart commercial surveillance system installed by our security experts at Beyond Home Theater. Let’s dive in.

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Auto-Track Moving People and Objects

Elite surveillance cameras from brands like Visualint and Axis feature advanced analytics that provide an extra layer of preventative protection for your business. By using pattern-based algorithms and proven AI technology, your surveillance system can spot details like license plate numbers, human characteristics, and more while ignoring activity that isn’t important to the scene.

These intelligent surveillance cameras instantly learn their surrounding environment upon initial setup and adapt to changes automatically. With object-tracking technology, your surveillance cameras can even distinguish between a small dog, a human, or a vehicle.

Want to know when a person is loitering on your property? Maybe you want a real-time alert sent to your mobile device when a delivery truck is driving up. Your surveillance system can even notify you when stationary objects like computer monitors or dropped-off packages are missing. A smart surveillance system will alert you of moving or misplaced persons or items based on the rules you set.

Reduce Unwanted Activity and False Alerts

A smart video surveillance system is purposefully built to separate false alarms from true emergencies, so they deliver accurate results around the clock. You no longer have to worry about a stray dog or passerby accidentally setting off a trip wire alarm. By analyzing and disregarding normal background motion and activity, an intelligent surveillance system will know the difference.

When a significant event does occur, your surveillance cameras will begin to track and record the event, and you’ll be alerted right away so you can instantly call the authorities or take other necessary action if needed, such as remotely turning on lights or locking doors.

Taking necessary action via your mobile phone is easy when you combine Visualint’s intelligent video cameras with the intuitive interface from Luma Surveillance. By mixing and matching Luma and Visualint cameras based on your application—such as Luma cameras for basic viewing and recording and Visualint models for advanced analytics—you can create a solution perfectly tailored to your needs while optimizing both systems for price and performance.

Integrate with Your Business Automation System

When integrated with a business automation system, your surveillance system can trigger proper action for you—saving time and deterring potential danger even quicker. For instance, if your surveillance cameras detect a lingering intruder, your building lights can turn on automatically to simulate that someone is inside.

Additionally, if your surveillance cameras detect a break-in, your alarm can blare, and internal doors can lock to keep the intruders from moving farther into the building. Whatever the event, an intelligent surveillance system paired with a comprehensive business automation system will work hard to ensure you have the information you need to better protect what matters most.

Our team at Beyond Home Theater can design and install a robust surveillance system based on your property’s unique needs. We’ll also walk you through your new surveillance system so you can learn how to make changes when needed in the future.


Because we so proudly stand behind every project we complete, we offer a two-year warranty with every installation. What’s more, our technology professionals are HTA certified, which means we’ve met the Home Technology Association’s highest standards for delivering top-of-the-line technology solutions that satisfy every need of your business.

Gain peace of mind with an intelligent commercial surveillance system installed by our team at Beyond Home Theater. For more information about our services or to learn how to get started, contact us here or send us a live chat below now.

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