Can Your Network Keep Up with a Connected World?

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Say Goodbye to Dead Spots and Data Breaches with a Professional Network Installation

These days, we’re more connected than ever. Homes and businesses throughout Beverly Hills, CA and beyond are flooded with connected devices—many of which we highly rely on for comfort, convenience, and safety.

As you invest in more connected devices for your home or business, your network must be robust, fast, and reliable around the clock. It must also offer the highest levels of security. Without a well-designed, enterprise-grade network, you may be susceptible to slow streaming, dead spots, and data breaches.

It’s time you consider a professional network installation for your home or business. Below, learn the importance of an enterprise-grade system and what to expect when you work with our team of certified experts at Beyond Home Theater.


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Why You Need an Enterprise-Grade System

In the past, a simple wireless router would successfully equip your home with adequate internet access. However, that time is long gone. Now, luxury homes and businesses are filled to the brim with a complex web of smart technology devices that are constantly communicating with each other over the internet.

Because we highly rely on these smart devices to perform at our jobs, streamline daily routines, stay connected to family and friends, secure our valuables, and so on, the demands on home and commercial networks have drastically changed. Now more than ever, you need an uninterrupted connection that is consistently fast, reliable, and secure.

Compared to consumer-grade networks, enterprise-grade network solutions offer vastly improved performance, limitless scalability, high security, strong integrity, and consistency. Our team works with Access Networks and Araknis to craft and deploy robust network systems for our California clients, whether their needs require gigabit ethernet, wireless access points, routers, switches, and more.


Enjoy 24/7 System Monitoring and Security

Never worry about potential cyberattacks or data loss when you upgrade to a professional network system installed by our technology experts. We monitor all our enterprise-grade network systems 24/7 from our online monitoring center to proactively manage health and performance.

What’s more, our monitoring team runs routine diagnostics and solves issues before they compromise your connectivity or data. Firmware updates are managed automatically to ensure you’re always running the very latest security protocols, and your data remains private and isolated from our monitoring center so you can work confidently knowing you’re always protected.


Created, Deployed & Managed by Certified Experts

Our team at Beyond Home Theater is proudly certified by the Home Technology Association (HTA) as a distinguished industry professional with proven technical expertise, phenomenal ongoing aftercare services, and a reputation you can trust.

When you partner with us for your network and technology needs, you take the guesswork out of deciding who is trustworthy, technically certified, and has a proven history of taking great care of their customers. We’ve met the HTA’s most rigorous standards to bring you unrivaled service and support.

We also offer a full two-year warranty on all our installations so you can rest assured that we stand confidently behind our work. In fact, we strive to ensure your system continues to work flawlessly for the rest of its days, even after the warranty has expired. No matter what you need, we’ll be there to keep you connected and protected.


Learn more about the power of an enterprise-grade network installation and how to upgrade your existing home or commercial network by contacting our team here or sending us a live chat below now. We look forward to working with you!

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