Choosing a Projector or TV for Your Home Theater Room

Read Our Pro Tips for When to Consider Each Solution

If you’re considering upgrading your property with a home theater room this year, one of the first questions you may have is whether to choose a TV or projector-screen combination for your display.

Technology advances have blurred the lines between the two solutions, making it difficult to decide which is best for home theater systems. Because both offer large, stunning picture and can be similar in price, the choice will likely come down to the environment in which your display will live and how you plan to use that room.

Need a hand deciding? Read our pro tips below for when to consider each solution for your Brentwood, CA-area home theater room.

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When to Consider a Projector

First, think about the goal of your theater room. What kind of experience do you hope to capture? If you’re a movie buff who wants to replicate the immersive feel of the nearby cinema with true blackout capability, a wall-sized screen, strategically placed theater seats, and striking surround sound, then you should consider a projector-screen setup.

Though you can also find modern TVs that measure nearly 100 inches, projector screens—like those handcrafted by Stewart Filmscreen—feature sizes of 120 inches and up. Pair your screen with a native 4K HDR projector from Sony for lifelike imagery, eye-popping color, and spectacular brightness to take you right inside your favorite movie.

Whether you’re looking for a quality yet cost-effective home theater projector like those from Epson or a high-end projector at a higher price point like those from SIM2 and Barco, we offer all tiers of home theater projectors and stand by their performance. We’ll help you select the perfect one for your vision and budget.

Additionally, no dedicated home theater is complete without custom seating, tailored lighting control, professional acoustic treatments, and immersive surround sound. For every component, our team at Beyond Home Theater is your go-to home theater specialist.


When to Consider a TV

Not everyone has the same goal for their home theater room. Rather, some homeowners prefer a multi-purpose media room designed for more than just movie viewing. If your home theater system will be in an environment that’s exposed to windows or other rooms, then a TV may be the better choice for you.

While projectors have significantly improved in brightness, today’s latest TV displays emit much brighter light than projectors, which can help overcome ambient light that will unavoidably spill into the room from windows or other spaces in the home. You can still manage sunlight with motorized shades, but a TV allows for better daytime viewing and may be easier to blend in with your interior design when you’re not using your room for watching a movie.

Sony Master Series TVs are a great solution for home theater systems with 4K viewing that offers impeccable contrast, color, and realism. The largest model measures at a whopping 98 inches, which delivers cinematic viewing without a projector and screen. No matter the Master Series model you choose, you’ll always enjoy dazzling picture, smooth motion, stunning sound, and intense realism every time you watch a movie.


Ready to complete your home theater room with a projector or TV? Let us do the work for you. We’re so confident in every project we complete that we offer a two-year warranty with every installation and ongoing support even after the warranty has expired.

Our team is also certified by the Home Technology Association (HTA) as a distinguished industry professional with proven technical expertise, phenomenal ongoing aftercare services, and a reputation you can trust.


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