Customize the Comfort of Your Home Cinema with CINEAK Seating

CINEAK Personalized Seating Is the Perfect Balance of Sophisticated Design and Casual Comfort

When building a private home cinema, each detail is integral to creating a viewing experience that rivals the nearby theater. Beyond a professional projector, immersive screen, and stunning surround sound system is the seating you choose to comfort you and your guests and enhance the look and feel of your theater room.

That’s why our team at Beyond Home Theater partners with CINEAK to bring personalized, luxury seating to private home cinemas throughout Hollywood Hills, California and beyond. Read on to learn the CINEAK difference and how their seating solutions can truly transform the design and comfort of your home theater.

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Customized Seating

Like commercial theaters, many home cinemas are lined with traditional high-back chairs that offer comforted support while viewers enjoy a film. Unfortunately, that’s typically where the versatility stops.

While high-back chairs are an excellent choice for the home theater experience, they don’t offer the casual comfort homeowners may desire for lying down, sitting close with loved ones, or simply enjoying the look and feel of a sofa or lounge chair.

Luxury seating solutions by CINEAK offer a variety of seating layouts for customized comfort. Their brilliant designs feature cutting-edge dual motorized incline technology that allows you to precisely adjust the footrest and headrest position to your preferred position. At just the press of a button, their seating can change from a luxury low-back sofa to high-back cinema seating so you can have the best of both.


Unique Designs for Optimal Comfort

Whether you choose traditional high-back seating with cup holders or versatile sectionals and sofas with proprietary trays, every solution can be uniquely designed to complement the rest of your property’s interior design. CINEAK seating features a contemporary, lush, and deconstructed appearance perfect for any style but can also be made to order to fulfill any vision or theme you desire.

Choose from a variety of sleek finishes, from leathers to designer fabrics or even self-supplied upholstery. CINEAK also offers a variety of powder coating finishes for their proprietary trays that come with many CINEAK seating solutions, from black to sterling silver, grey metallic, white, and more. You’ll never feel subjected to just one look and feel for your home theater seating.


Modular for Any Space and Style

The size of luxury home theaters throughout Hollywood Hills varies from property to property, which means not every home theater layout will look the same—even if style preferences are similar. CINEAK offers a vast range of modular chairs, recliners, sofas and more that can be configured in several ways, with or without armrests to create customized seating arrangements that perfectly tailor to your space.

Get creative with your seating arrangements! Craft an intimate setting of two chairs or a wide L-shaped sofa that lines the walls of your home theater. The options are endless and always deliver optimal comfort, support, versatility, and style.


Transform your home cinema with luxury seating from CINEAK. As a trusted partner, our team can assist you in selecting the best styles for your dream theater room. Contact us here or send us a live chat below to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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