Ditch the Switch with Smart Lighting Control from Lutron

Lutron Lighting Solutions Dynamically Illuminate Your Home in Just a Tap

The lighting in your home goes far beyond helping you see. It has a significant impact on your everyday life, from your productivity to your safety and even your well-being. It’s no wonder more homeowners are ditching the traditional light switch to bolster the many benefits of smarter lighting control.

Our team partners with Lutron, an industry leader in lighting control, to bring homeowners throughout Hermosa Beach and the surrounding California area personalized solutions that transform their properties with just a touch of a button.

Keep reading to learn more about the notable features of Lutron lighting solutions for your home!

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Effortless One-Tap Scenes

One of your daily routines likely involves making rounds throughout your home to turn off lights before leaving for work or going to sleep. With smart lighting control, you can effortlessly manage and monitor all the lights in your home from a single device.

Instead of making those lengthy rounds to adjust lights or worrying you left a lamp on downstairs, instantly turn off every light throughout your home from the convenience of your smartphone or designer keypad.

You can also create other one-tap lighting scenes for different use-cases that complement your everyday routines and save you time throughout the day. Create an “Entertain” scene that illuminates all the rooms downstairs and the backyard patio for a party—or “Relax” that sets the mood for an evening of wine in the living room with your loved one. Any custom lighting scene is possible.


Personalized Control

Unlike traditional light switches that offer only one way to control the lighting in your home, Lutron offers a variety of unique ways to manage your lighting so that it always feels effortless and intuitive no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Use the Lutron app to control all the lights in your home from your smartphone or tablet—whether you’re there or away on vacation. For control that elevates your interior décor, opt for beautiful in-wall designer keypads for each room or main areas of your home. You can custom-engrave the buttons for different lighting scenes or whole-home scenes that integrate with your motorized shades and smart thermostats.

For hands-free control, use voice commands with Amazon Alexa. Come home from the grocery store with full hands and tell Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights so you don’t have to get out your smartphone or search the wall for the button. Alexa will control your lighting scenes and even dim and brighten your fixtures to any percentage you ask.


Added Beauty to Your Spaces

The convenience of smart lighting control is undeniable, but it can also add beauty to the spaces in and outside your home. In just a tap, you can illuminate your patio, emphasize water features throughout your backyard, and brighten your stunning curbside landscape. Schedule your outdoor lights to turn on and off with the sunrise and sunset so you don’t have to remember to adjust them at all.

Dynamic indoor lighting can enhance your architectural features, make artwork shine, and create layers of light for more beautiful and comfortable spaces. With the right lighting design and a smart lighting control system from Lutron, you can transform the way you interact with your home.


Get more out of your lighting by upgrading to Lutron lighting control. From consultation to design, installation, and ongoing support, our team at Beyond Home Theater has you covered. Learn how to get started today by connecting with us here or sending us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you!

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