Enjoy Whole-Home Audio without Ever Seeing the Speakers

Invisible Ceiling Speakers Immerse You with Sound While Staying Out of the Way

When you think of quality home audio, you may picture large, floor-standing speakers that consequently take up a lot of space throughout the home. While this solution may work for some, it can also be quite the eyesore for those who prefer not to compromise the aesthetics of their home.

If you prefer more floor space and a cleaner interior design, then we recommend you opt for ceiling speakers that immerse you with sound in every room while staying out of the way. Below, we cover a few notable benefits of ceiling speakers and the leading speaker brands we install for our clients in Santa Monica and the larger California area.

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Minimal to Zero Visibility

In the photo above, you’ll notice lightly colored round grills that are mounted flush with the ceilings. These discreet ceiling speakers offer powerful, high-quality sound that’s widely dispersed to evenly fill large spaces. Notice how they stay cleverly hidden away, leaving only a small footprint in the ceiling that blends in with the color of the walls. We work with elite audio brands like Meridian and Triad to bring pristine whole-home audio to homeowners who don’t mind flush-mounted round or square grills that camouflage right into their ceilings.

While these small aperture speakers don’t take up any space or compromise the interior design of the room, you can also choose ceiling speakers that hide entirely behind the surface to leave absolutely no visual footprint. We partner with Sonance to offer a high-end line of invisible speakers that are installed behind your ceiling and finished over with the surrounding surface to deliver beautiful ambient sound that emanates throughout your whole home.


Perfect for Any Media

Ceiling speakers are perfect for audiophiles, movie buffs, and homeowners who simply want their tunes to follow them wherever they go. Music enthusiasts may desire stereo ceiling speakers in their listening room; cinephiles may want to add a 360-degree surround sound setup in their theater room; and families may like having their audio play in spaces like their kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways.

Whatever your vision for using ceiling speakers, we can make it a reality. Ceiling speakers from Meridian, Triad, and Sonance are not only incredibly versatile but reproduce the full range of frequencies, from crystal-clear treble and natural midrange to deep, smooth bass. The result is best-in-class sonic performance every time.


Effortless Control

At Beyond Home Theater, we believe controlling audio throughout your home should be effortless for the whole family. The media you enjoy every day is woven into your life more than ever before, so we make it easy to bring the sound from your music or movies with you everywhere in your home where there are distributed ceiling speakers.

With a smart control system like Savant, you can control all your entertainment from a sleek, one-of-a-kind platform. Whether it be a universal remote, touchpad, or app on your smartphone, filling your home with sound is just a tap away. Select your favorite jazz playlist for the kitchen, a party playlist for the dining room, or bring the same audio to every space in your home. It’s all possible with Savant.

Transform the way you listen to music and media in your home with ceiling speakers. From consultation to design, installation, and ongoing support, our team at Beyond Home Theater is your go-to whole-home audio and smart home expert. Get started today by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below. We look forward to serving you.

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