Lacking Quality Home Audio? It Might Be Room Acoustics

Consider Professional Acoustic Treatments for an Improved Soundscape at Home

You’ve invested a lot in your home theater or dedicated listening room. With the latest solutions in high-performance AV throughout your property, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy an immersive soundscape when listening to your favorite playlist or watching a movie, right? Wrong.

Even with the best speaker systems in place, you may not be getting the most out of your home audio if room acoustics are poor. Need to rethink the room acoustics in your Los Angeles, CA-area home? Read on to learn the importance of a professional acoustic treatment installation for optimal sound.


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Why Do You Need Acoustic Treatments?

When you listen to the audio from speakers in your home theater or dedicated listening room, you aren’t only hearing direct sound from the speakers. You’re also hearing reflected sound, which is the soundwaves that bounce around your room as they leave your speakers before finding your ears again.

The objects and surfaces in your room significantly affect how you hear the audio coming from your speakers. Too many hard, bare surfaces create loud and painful echoes while too many plush surfaces result in sound that’s thin and dull. Acoustic treatments must be properly designed and installed to balance and enhance your home audio experience.


Think Twice Before Considering DIY

While you can find many tips online about installing your own acoustic treatments, the truth is that most of these tips are for simple fixes and won’t drastically improve your room acoustics—especially if you don’t have the proper technology and materials for room testing and panel installation.

It’s also critical to do your research before consulting a professional for your acoustic treatments. Many AV and smart home experts list on their websites that they offer acoustic treatment solutions, though most of these companies don’t specialize in room acoustics and are therefore not properly equipped to service your home theater or listening room with best-in-class treatments.


Find an Acoustic Design Professional

Our team at Beyond Home Theater has the education and expertise required to properly test and tune your home theater, listening room, or another space in your home where you enjoy high-quality audio to ensure you receive immaculate sound from any corner of the room.

Additionally, we partner with Keith Yates Design, a team of acoustical engineering specialists, during the construction phase of any build to deliver perfectly balanced private theaters and listening rooms for media lovers. Everything from the interior acoustic treatment design and installation to room testing and calibration is diligently performed by technical architects of high-performance media spaces who are just as passionate about accurate and powerful audio as you are.

We are also certified by the Home Technology Association (HTA) and offer ongoing services you can rely on through every step of the installation process – including long after we’re done. You can trust that we’ve met the HTA’s high standards and that we’ll deliver an acoustic treatment installation that satisfies every need of your entertainment space. Plus, we offer a full two-year warranty, so you can always depend on your treatments working properly down the line.


Transform the way you enjoy quality audio in your home by considering a professional acoustic treatment installation. Our team at Beyond Home Theater is here to help from beginning to end—and after the project is complete. Get started by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below now.

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