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At BHT, we begin every project by listening to your needs and exploring what you desire. Throughout our discovery process, we will partner with you to define your goals and expectations, explore the options and uncover the possibilities. Collaboration and communication are the keys to a flawless installation, and we take the extra steps to make ourselves available to you and your project team anytime.


Design is serious business, the place where form meets function. Using the latest technologies, we plan the design details down to the last screw to ensure the systems perform intuitively and look great, even those you can’t see. All of your design documentation—from proposals to floorplans to schematics to photos—are accessible to you and your project team online, a convenient way to keep project details in one safe and secure place.


Our highly skilled team is expert at creating high-performance home technology solutions that are elegant and intuitive. Throughout the build, program and testing phases, we ensure your systems operate reliably together and are simple to use. We create an easy-to-use control system so all your home technologies, from entertainment to lighting to comfort, are available at the touch of a screen no matter where you are.


We work in collaboration with your project team to deliver and install your system quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption. To ensure your comfort and confidence in your new system, we will personally walk you through the operation of your new technologies, in jargon-free language that’s easy to understand. And most importantly, we back every installation with a 2 year warranty, the best guarantee in the industry. At BHT, we’re always just a phone call away.


Once your installation is complete we strive to ensure your system continues to work flawlessly for the rest of its days, even after the 2 year warranty has expired. Should new network security threats arise, we will be there to install the latest firmware to keep you protected. As new technologies become available, we can update your system as needed. We even monitor your equipment’s performance so issues can be corrected remotely, often before you’ve even noticed there was a problem. This is the service you’ve been waiting for. This is the service you deserve.


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