Data Networking

Keep your home network powerful, safe and secure with our installed data networking solutions.

These days, we are connected now more than ever and so are all of our devices. A well-designed, fast and reliable network is essential for both your work and lifestyle. We create data networking systems that offer better streaming capabilities, enterprise-class wireless access, and most importantly, the highest levels of security. There’s no room in your smart home for dead spots or data breaches.

Gigabit Ethernet

Why settle for an unreliable Internet connection? With a Gigabit Ethernet network, you will experience download speeds up to 100 times faster than standard Ethernet. The result: better audio and video streaming from your favorite sites like Netflix® and Hulu®.

Enterprise Grade WiFi

We install enterprise-class managed wireless access points and repeaters in key locations throughout your home to ensure the highest and most reliable speeds. You won’t have to worry about “dead spots” in your home anymore.

Remote System Management, Monitoring and Security

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