Distributed Audio & Video

From listening to your favorite music to streaming video, your media experience shouldn’t stop when you leave the room. We work with you to connect your music and movies everywhere in your home, whether you’re in the kitchen, a dedicated listening room, or even barbecuing by the pool. Easy to control and elegantly concealed, your music, movies and media are available at the touch of a button from anywhere in your home. Because entertainment should be just that.

Today your media is woven into your life more than ever before. We work with you to connect your music and movies everywhere in your home.

Centralized Whole Home Audio or Video

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Invisible Speakers with Immersive Sound

There is nothing better than hearing your favorite song everywhere in your home. With speaker seamlessly installed into the ceiling your home showcases an immersive experience. Now you can listen to music in your personal gym, your home office or throughout each room in your home at the same time.

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