From Study to Home Theater: Toluca Lake

Nothing makes us happier than clients who invite us to partner with them time and time again. So of course we were honored when this client invited us back for a third project, as he converted the study of his Toluca Lake (Los Angeles) home into a state-of-the-art home theater.

Any home theater project begins with the screen and projector. Beyond Home Theater chose this custom Stewart VistaScope 2-Way Variable Masking Projection Screen, which allows movies to be viewed in various widescreen formats. The screen compliments the amazing images produced by the Sony 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) projector with a 13′ multiple aspect ratio screen, allowing for image-fidelity viewing across a variety of platforms. Located in a custom ‘hush box,” the projector is encapsulated in noise-cancelling materials and channels heat and air flow away from the cinema, ensuring a quiet and temperate viewing experience.

Image and audio go hand in hand for the ultimate viewing experience. Sound design for this private cinema features the latest in 3D object-based Surround Sound Dolby Atmos which, by channeling sound from multiple directions, creates a truly “inside the film” adventure.  The Kinetics acoustic wall and ceiling treatments create the perfect environment for the Meridian processor to direct sound to eleven Meridian speakers and four Triad subwoofers.

Control of this private cinema is via the iPORT Launchport, the world’s first and only inductive charger with magnetic mount for iPAD. The Meridian processor, Sony 4K UHD projector, Stewart motorized masking screen, Lutron lighting and shades, Sony 4K upscaling Blu-ray player, and Apple TV are all controlled at the touch of a button from the custom-made seating.

The ultimate in comfort, the Cineak motorized cinema seating offers dual-motorized incline mechanisms allow independent control of headrests and footrests. The push-button control module is seamlessly integrated into the armrest for convenience and features a reset button for easier exit.  The guest comfort technological features also include low-level smart LED lighting, allowing for theater-quality blackout conditions while ensuring guest safety.

With a gorgeous fireplace and rich cherry wood custom cabinetry throughout, we sought to maintain as much of the architectural and design integrity as possible while incorporating the most advanced home theater technologies. By concealing the operating equipment within the cabinetry and covering the acoustic walls in decorator fabrics, Beyond Home Theater designed solutions that were both functional and elegant.

And the client? Thrilled with a home theater that went truly beyond.

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